Accountability Court

A Project Base Learning Program that provides a series of community service projects to teach many life skills indirectly

Summay of the ARCH Program

ARCH Transitional (BRIDGE) Program

Mental Wealth Center, Inc

601 N. Ashley St

Valdosta, Ga 31602

(706) 375-0560


Achieving Reachable

Challenges & Heights

The ARCH Program is a unique transitional leadership program that bridges

the gap between teens and adulthood, it was developed to enhance the lives

of underserved at-risk-teens.  The ARCH Program has been revised to fit into

our youth training programs in Valdosta, Athens, and the CSRA/Augusta

areas of Georgia with hopes of duplicating and growing it Statewide.


The ARCH Transitional Program was approved to be used through

GVRA (Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency), but many of the

teens that we see  or that needs us don't qualify for any of GVRA

services due to not having any recorded mental challenges or

disabilities. Which means we have no funding to provide services,

in turn, we need community business partners.




ARCH is for all underserved teens and young adults between the ages of

15-21, who maybe socially disadvantaged, low-income, with or without a

recorded learning disabilities, in or have graduated from a special education

program, dealing with law enforcement, in or have been in a detention facility

on probation, in foster care or about to age out of foster care or the homeless.




Programs are presented through instruction, presenters, field trips, hands on training and community service projects.  As the needs has grown many services has been added, you can follow the link below for more information on this "BRIDGE" program, and other programs that was created to enhance the lives of this population.

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