Silk swore off teaching young people to drive in the late 90's after  teaching his own teenage daughters to drive in Illinois.  One daughter ran a stop sign and he saw his life pass him bye, and then the next hit the excellerator insted of the break after he told her to stop, not to mention  she almost went into the front window of a store.


After moving to Georgia a few more children and grandchildren needing to get a license brought him back in the line of fire.  Even though he said he wouldn't guess who was given the job over and over again.  So when he saw there was an actual opening for a drivers ed instructor, he applied and got the job.


Coach Bosby, he is the coach of all coaches.  He has always loved playing baseball and basketball as a child and through high school;  not realizing that coaching was way  more rewarding for him.



Since moving to Georgia he has coached rec ball when his daughter wanted to play basketball.  Once she was able to play for her school he started coaching middle school basketball boys, then girls basketball.  During the same time his grandson wanted to play soccer, but they needed a coach and guess who volunteered, so for 3 years, he coached soccer

then softball for aduls and high school girls.  Today he's still coaching youth

basketball through a travel league.


Inside "SILK" Bosby


Silk started volunteering in 1992 and since then he has  been willing to be that mentor, and  serigate father as needed for those fatherless children around him.  Besides being a great father, role model and community leader  he do have two projects he do every year no matter what.  1) he volunteers every Thanksgiving with his family either feeding the homeless, or serving families at the Ronald McDonald House.  2) Working along side his wife he volunteers to train the tour guides and some times he volunteers as a tour guide himselffor the Black Youth Heritage Expo.

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