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Achieving Reachable Challenges & Heights

Due to Covid-19 we had a late start in developing this program.  We are looking for partners and sponsors to make this a reality.


The goal of this program is to ensure underserved teens/young adults have the chance to succeed.  For more information on this program or to volunteer or make a finacial contribution .... email us at or follow the link below.

The JPN Youth Heritage Program and Expo's  were developed in 1994, in Maywood, Illinois ....then it was turned into a project for the  leadership program in 2000.  Since then there has been multipal Expo's each year





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The JPN Black Youth Heritage Expo

A non-profit organization that develops and implements all forms of educational an informational programs for either one person or a group.  Even though we develop, train staff, and implemet many programs/projects for other non-profit and profit organizations & businesses.....  Listed below are some of our prize programs and projects. 

Helping Others Magnify Education

1,000's  of children attend an Expo each year from Pk-Families





Many trips are planned, many places are toured






Leadership Projects





On the job trainings





Mentoring Progrm

Youth Development & Leadership Training

 Quick Look At Programs Developed

Phase I



We will be testing our research making modifications as we need


Phase II


Implementation at 3-Tech Schools

Northeast Ga,  South Ga, 

& the CSRA area.


This program is for teens in special education or have graduated from special education wanting to go to college

Express H.O.M.E. Program, Inc.


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